Responsive Management Always Accessible

The DSS management team brings you a diverse group with decades of experience in corporate security, law enforcement and life safety. What unites our men and women is a passion for excellence, an in-depth understanding of risks that organizations face in our global environment and a commitment to serving clients whenever you need us.

We bring you an array of talent, at your service on your schedule and accessible on demand. Count on us to assist in all aspects of providing outstanding security, from responding to emergencies and producing comprehensive reports that go beyond general requirements, to developing and executing plans that meet upcoming changes and alterations in security needs when your organization reshapes.

Count on DSS to be where you need us, when you need us, as you need us.

Intelligence-led Security Awareness

To augment our ability to meet clients’ needs, DSS management monitors information about our clients’ industries from global, regional and local perspectives. With our network of associates, we have personnel and resources to assist in threat situations and can work to mitigate problems, deploying countermeasures and helping clients avoid costly incidents or business disruptions.