Our Staff

Comprehensive Officer Screening / Training and Monitoring

Our officer screening and testing programs ensure high caliber candidates. Our specially developed site-specific training programs focus on your unique requirements. Additional specialized curricula include responding to 21st Century concerns such as: workplace violence, deescalating potentially problematic situations, addressing business continuity after disruptions, counter-terrorism awareness, and other relevant issues. Our commitment to diversity means DSS officers represent the best in America.

Field supervisors and client service managers undergo extensive additional training. They monitor security operations daily, testing officers’ proficiency and providing discipline when necessary. They communicate with clients about critical issues immediately and provide comprehensive, detailed information for clients’ review.

Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development for Officers

DSS employees are encouraged to continue developing professional skills through incentives to achieve security certifications such as: CPO, PSP, PCI and CPP. For our clients this means DSS officers value being professionals and they strive to be the best in their work each day.

Further, by supporting DSS officers’ participation in recognized security organizations such as ASIS International, we encourage them to continue security education and gain relevant knowledge that gets applied to their performance at your sites.

DSS Employee Testimonials

DSS considers its security officers the most important people in the company. We are treated with respect and that’s important to me.

DSS trusts that I’ll handle every assignment to the best of my ability. In return, I’m given every opportunity to become all I can be.

Commitment is critical. When I put on my uniform, everything in my area of responsibility will be carried out as professionally as possible.